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As a single-source provider, National Precast handles every aspect of design, manufacturing, and installation so your project can stay on schedule and on budget. With over 140 years of industry experience, National Precast delivers top-quality solutions during every stage of the construction process.


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As your single-source for complete precast/prestressed systems, National Precast designs all the concrete components for your project's stormwater, railroad, and fish passage needs.



By prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and technology, the National Precast team continuously achieves award-winning results. This allows you to leverage our excellence to keep your projects within budget and on time.

NPCA Member Plant

Quality-conscious architects and engineers know that products from NPCA Member plants are manufactured to exacting requirements resulting in uncompromising strength, durability, and finish.

PCI Level I, II and III

PCI Certification is the precast concrete industry's most proven, comprehensive, trusted, and specified certification program. Your project depends on the highest level of quality in concrete products.

Oregon State Historic Preservation Product Manufacturer

Recognizing our efforts to maintain and enhance Oregon's heritage resources, National Precast was awarded the honor for exceeding industry standards for the production of products with historic significance.

PCI Certified Plant

PCI Certified plants show that they have developed and documented in-depth, in-house quality systems manual based on national industry standards.

NPCA Master Precaster

Our Leadership is a graduate of the Master Precaster Program through the NPCA & has demonstrated precast concrete design, construction knowledge, & project management skills to a high level of proficiency.

WA State Historic Preservation Product Manufacturer

The Washington State Historic Preservation Product Manufacturer award recognizes National Precast for our work in sustaining economically important and historic preservation work including maintenance and restoration.

World-class companies trust us for their pre-cast needs

We understand how important it is to make high-quality, innovative, and sustainable products that can last you for generations. Reach out for a quote today so we can help you with your project!


Who We Are

With over 140 years of combined industry experience as a trusted manufacturer of structural and stormwater precast concrete products, we work with your project team from the very start of the design process all the way to installation and inspection.

By offering product design, production, and installation of high-quality certified products, National Precast is your single-source solution for keeping your projects on schedule and under budget.

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Sustainability First

Sustainability at National Precast is a core aspect of our business strategy and of our day-to-day operations. We are also committed to partnering with the communities in which we live and work.

Our commitment to ensuring that every aspect of our manufacturing and installation processes is environmentally responsible ensure that our customers are able to accomplish their sustainability-related goals.

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Keep up to date on everything going on with National Precast and in the precast concrete industry.

Industry News
National Precast Awarded 2nd Place "Best Practice" Award by NPCA

National Precast teamed up with RimRiser to solve a problem a customer had with getting a lid adjusted to a complicated grade. This innovative idea saw National Precast get presented 2nd place in the National Precast Concrete Association's (NPCA) yearly "Best Practice" Awards.

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When you work with National Precast, we are your single-source provider of precast/prestressed systems. That means you can rest assured that your projects will be completed on time and on budget.

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