HV Detention System

Versatile Stormwater Detention Vault System

HV Detention

The HV vault system is perfect for your stormwater detention needs. It can be made in various sizes depending on what your project requires. Also, HV Vaults can be used with a top (underground), or without a top (as a pond) to help with erosion and give your detention system structure while aiding wildlife by providing a habitat for various animals. Not only is a great system for holding and cleaning stormwater, but it is also designed, fabricated, and install by the team here at National Precast. This ensures that your project will be stress free, on time, and have the support of stormwater and precast experts along the way.

Features and Benefits
  • From Start to Finish: Our team is with you every step of the way from design to installation, providing updates, adapting to changes in the project, and making sure your project gets done on time.
  • Capability: HV Vaults have the capability to perform as a more traditional vault (underground), or topless (as a pond.
  • Fast Installation: Our crew is experienced in the construction of HV Vaults, and the use of precast makes it faster than a cast in place vault.
  • Peace of Mind: The HV Vault team handles all stormwater regulations and requirements so you can focus on the rest of the project.
  • Effective use of space: HV Vaults use all available space, so that you can get as much stormwater stored as possible without wasting space with pipes and other items.
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