Precast Raingarden Systems

Precast Raingardens

Raingardens are usually a cast in place concrete structure that sits into the side of sidewalks, providing some greenery, and a place for stormwater runoff to go.  The water then gets filtered by the trees and plants that are within the garden. The main problem with Raingardens done the traditional, cast in place way, is that they take a long time to pour on site, conditions must be right, and pouring the vertical walls can be difficult.  The solution to this is using Precast Raingardens.

At National Precast, we offer the first Precast Raingarden system which includes the design work, fabrication, and installation just like you receive with our HV Vault system.  Why precast you may ask?  Below are a few reasons to use Precast Raingardens.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast Project Completion: Often times 6 to 8 weeks are set aside for raingarden construction, but with precast installation can be done in just a few days increasing the speed your project gets complete.
  • Cost Effective: A faster project completion means less money spent, and precast is cheaper per yard then a cement truck.
  • Installation: We have our own installation team that are experienced in the installation process., so you do not have to waste time figuring out how to install the system.
  • Design: We have our own engineering and design team that produce drawings of whatever size or shape raingarden your project requires.
  • Responsive Team: Our support team is experienced in precast and stormwater, and are always ready to help in any way possible to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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