Premier Crossings

Premier Precast Modular Railroad Crossings

Premier Modular Railroad Crossings

Here at National Precast we are the sole producers of Premier Modular Railroad Crossings on the west coast.  

Premier Crossings are a 3-piece tub style railroad crossing that consists of a base unit and two center panels.  These panels hold the rail in place as well as provided an even plain for pedestrian or vehicle crossing.  Premier comes in two size options, a 4’ long by 8’ wide option and 8’ long by 8’ wide option; both come with a standard thickness of just over 13 inches.  All that being said, if your project requires, we can adjust the length, width, thickness, or all three!  

The standard surface design that comes on our crossings is a reverse diamond plate pattern but can also come in a plain broom finish.  If you want something different such as a personalized pattern for your company or rail line, or have to meet a certain design requirement when passing through a neighborhood then our RXR Crossing is the one for you.

Due to their robust build, Premier crossings are ideal for rail that experience high vehicular traffic.  On top of that, they are also ideal for areas such as light rail where there will be a vast number of pedestrian traffic because of the minimal tripping points and level design.  

Features and Benefits
  • Fastest install on the market: with only three pieces and minimal ties, our crossings are fast and easy to install with easy anchor positions.
  • Versatility: Premier Crossings can be installed tangent or on a radius and can also be used in a turnout.
  • Longevity: Premier/RXR crossings have been around for many years and have a long life, needing minimal maintenance that when needed, is extremely easy due to our 3-piece design.
  • Manufacturing: Our crossings are manufactured based off our quality control program that was designed specifically for them.  
  • Design: We have our own engineering and design team that produce drawings of whatever you require and can create custom designs to meet your needs.  
  • Responsive Team: Our support team is always ready to help in any way possible, whether it is with questions, suggestions about other industry products, or on-site installation support.
  • Modular: The modular system eliminates the need for ballast, ties, and railroad fasteners, installing without spike kill and plate cutting.

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